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Exploring Johnson City: The Exotic Resort Zoo

One of the great things about our Pedernales Falls State Park location is that we are conveniently located in Johnson City and surrounded by great things to do not only at our forthcoming Flint & Flowers location and the state park itself but also in the neighboring towns like Fredericksburg or within Johnson City itself.

The Texas Hill Country is replete with things to do, from wineries, breweries, and delicious fare to artist communities, shops, and galleries.

We’ll continue to share other neighboring experiences as we love supporting our communities and neighbors!

Our founder, Melinda, recently took her adorable grandson on a fun adventure at the Johnson City Exotic Resort Zoo, located just a short 20-minute drive from Flint & Flowers campground.

Flint & Flowers founder Melinda with grandson at Johnson City Exotica Resort Zoo

The zoo is a private ranch and sanctuary for a variety of animals, cared for by an animal-loving husband and wife duo and their staff, a.k.a “The Zoo Crew” who provide the animals with a safe and loving home with an open range where they can roam freely.

The Zoo Crew at Johnson City Exotic Resort Zoo

Our littlest Flint & Flowers team member enjoyed a guided tour from aboard the zoo’s tractor tram and was able to get up close and personal, under the careful supervision of his loving grandma of course, with Antelopes, Bison, Buffalo, Camels, Emu, Gazelles, Grant Zebras, Kangaroos, Llamas, Ostrich, Pygmy Goats, Sheep, Watusi, and more!

He learned not only what sounds all of the animals make, but also how to feed them, and where each of these animals originated. He was delighted and enthralled as he interacted with everything, making new little four-legged friends along the way.

Flint and Flowers founder Melinda and grandson with camel at Johnson City Exotic Resort Zoo

We can’t wait to go back for a future visit!

To learn more about the Exotic Resort Zoo, visit their website or follow them on Instagram


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