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First Look: Bushtec Safari

Fall continues to make it's way across Texas and we could not be more excited for the change in season! 

Soon, beautiful autumn colors will make their way throughout Pedernales State Falls National Park and the surrounding Johnson City landscapes. 

The crisp and coolness of fall cannot get here soon enough, as the heat of September’s Texas sun has kept us company while supervising from overhead our hard and very precise work for Flint & Flowers as we mark off the trails and the locations for the campsites and our beautiful Bushtec Safari tents.  

Here is our founder, Melinda Knowles in a fun on-site selfie. Melinda is hands-on with every detail of Flint & Flowers to ensure that everything is top quality for our future guests. 

Today, we wanted to bring you a sneak preview of our lux tents, the Jama and the Java, which are currently in production in South Africa as well as the company that we selected to provide such an important element of the Flint & Flowers experience, Bushtec Safari.

Bushtec Safari is based in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains in Ladysmith, South Africa, and is a division of Canvas and Tent, a manufacturer of tents since 1968.

After experiencing the Bushtec Safari tent camping difference during a trip to Kenya, Melinda was quite impressed with the quality and overall experience and wanted to share it with others. Yet, it was Bushtec Safari’s eco-friendly philosophy of minimizing environmental impact and carbon footprint across its entire organization and its commitment to the empowerment and transformation in South Africa and the sustainable development of its people by providing them with employment opportunities and safe working conditions that truly won her over, here is what she had to say about this company.

During a Kenyan safari, we stayed in their safari tents and I just fell in love with them. In the process of making sure that this was the company I could trust in the United States, I found that they are a favorite of all types of venues in the United States and worldwide. I also learned they manufacture their tents in a small village in South Africa employing over a thousand locals, most of them women.”

Because Bushtec Safari also provides tents to military and humanitarian organizations, only the highest quality 550 gsm ripstop canvas is used for the full tent body to ensure durability. All tents are UV-resistant, rot-proof, water resistant, and an optional extra can be made fire-retardant. Each tent can be engineered to meet project-specific wind &snow load building codes. 

In these images, you can view some of the canvas flame testing firsthand.

Keep an eye on our site and blogs as we will be sharing more behind-the-scenes photos of the tents once they arrive at Flint & Flowers, but in the meantime, we’d like to share a couple of photos of similar tents and layouts. 

Enjoy this sneak peek and keep an eye on this blog as we continue to share more of our Flint & Flowers journey and learn more about about Bushtec Safari here.

We can’t wait to welcome you to experience the magic of Lux Camping in our Bushtec Safari tents while immersing yourself in the beauty of Johnson City and Pedernales State Falls Park with us at Flint & Flowers next spring!


Over 510 Sq. Ft. of Luxury Camping


Over 450 Sq. Ft. of Luxury Camping

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